Project Approach (cont'd)


The total cost of developing owning, operating and maintaining a constructed project for it's economic life.


Identification of unnecessary costs, especially those that do not contribute to a project's quality, utility, durability, appearance, or the Client's requirements.


Each of these tasks completed will ultimately conclude the Architectural Design/Build parameters for the Building Form and Function. With this information Team Pettit can complete and deliver a 95% probable Construction Cost Estimate.


Pettit typically becomes involved in projects at the conceptual stage and follows through until completion of the project. To track a normal project, discipline functions must incorporate all phase of budgeting, scheduling and cost estimating.


Company History

In 1979, E.G. Pettit & Company was invited to  the United States from Ireland to re-design a Whey Treatment Plant in Burlington, Vermont. Following this project in 1980, Pettit was commissioned to design and project manage the world's largest Cheese Plant, located in Corona, California. The $100 million project was completed on time and under budget. This initial project was managed under the assigned direction of Mr. John O'Doherty, Pettit's current Principal and Owner.

In 1985, following the opening of Corona Cheese Plant, John O'Doherty decided to continue the Pettit business in Corona and obtained a business license to incorporate Pettit in the State of California.

Due to Pettit's continued involvement over the years with the Dairy Farmers of America and the Golden Cheese Company of California, Pettit was awarded the design and management of numerous projects in the plant including a new cut and wrap extension, a new wastewater evaporator, cold storage building, and waste water treatment plant.

In order to support construction efforts for DFA as well as other design/build business opportunities, Mr. O'Doherty established and incorporated a sister construction arm, Corona Constructors in 1987.

Today, Pettit and Corona Constructors are solely owned by one President, John O'Doherty, and located under one roof in Corona. The typical yet cumbersome transition from design to construction is minimized by the synergies realized by this direct relationship between designer and builder.